How to Rock Your Party!

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If you’ve been doing the rounds of kids’ parties with your little ones, you’ve likely seen some of the most common rented party attractions probably more than once – inflatable bounce houses, animal petting zoos and karaoke machines immediately spring to mind. But how about rocking your child’s party with a challenging and fun activity that they and their guests might not have seen before – a rented rock climbing wall!

A rock climbing wall is a fun way for children to gain confidence and literally feel “on top of the world”! A rented rock climbing wall can provide hours of fun for children aged three and up, with differing degrees of difficulty that make it suitable for older children and adults as well. Many¬†climbing walls utilizes a brand new safety system that automatically lowers the climber at a safe rate of descent if they step off the wall, so there’s no risk of falls or injury. That means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!

A rock climbing wall is great for a child’s party, a school fundraiser, a carnival or even a corporate party. Imagine watching your child scale new heights with pride as he or she tackles the hardest parts of the climbing wall, or watching your boss in a harness straining to reach the top of the wall – it’s a whole new way to rock your party!

Unlike most inflatables and other party attractions, a rock climbing wall doesn’t take up much space, so you can rent one for even a small backyard. Your rental package can include an operator who will make sure every climber is secure in their harness and can safely scale the wall, and once they’ve reached the top, the operator will be there to belay them gently down.

You might inspire a new love of adventure in your child or children as they gain confidence from climbing the rock wall. Who knows, you may discover that the next weekend they want to go for a hike or a trail walk with you! A¬†rock climbing wall is so much fun your child and his or her guests won’t want the party to end.

Do something unique for your child’s party, school fundraiser, carnival or corporate party; rent a rock climbing wall and surprise and delight your guests. It’s a new way to rock your party and ensure that everyone in every age group has a great time trying something they never or rarely get to do.

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